Load once, get ready to party! The ConfettiSTORM shoots confetti farther and safer than any other device including compressed air cannons and pyrotechnic systems. With other devices, you load and shoot, then reload. With the ConfettiSTORM, you load once and shoot for an incredible amount of time, limited only by how much confetti you place in the reservoir. With this device, you're not just launching confetti, you're creating a ConfettiSTORM!

Unit Specifications

Disbursement rate      -.33lbs/min (field tested)
Muzzle Velocity           -200mph
Coverage per unit       -2500 square feet @ 25ft elevation
Capacity                    -100 lbs compact/fluffed TW Confetti using external reservoir
                                -10 lbs compact/fluffed TW Confetti built-in reservoir
Spray Distance            -50 ft (indoor field tested)

Length                        -34.5"
Width                          -10.5"
Height                         -20"

Two attachment brackets on top of unit allow for mounting to truss and other overhead attachment areas. The unit can also sit flat on it's base or positioned vertically. External reservoir must be mounted in an upright position.

Power requirements    -120 VAC @ 12 amps
120 - 220 conversion adaptors available

- 5 Gallon Reservoir
- 38 Gallon Reservoir
- Reservoir Hose
- Tube WORKS "ConfettiSTORM" Confetti
- TubeWORKS "SnowSTORM" Theatrical Snow

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Calabasas, CA 91403
(800) 962-2556 ph
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