Since the Spring of 2000 Bigler Sound and Performance has been working in conjunction with the California Highway Patrol - OTS and Starlight Video Services to combat drunk driving through the Every 15 Minutes program.

With more than 90 to our credit, we have the experience, equipment and props/special effects you need for maximum student impact and success. As part of our service we offer EMS/Police Radio Patches for our P.A.s and offer wireless UHF mics for crash personnel.

We also offer (at no additional charge) subject to availability

Day One

  • Grim Reaper Sickle - Wood and Iron
  • Rigid, Realistic skull Facemask and Comfortable Bone Gloves For Your Reaper
  • Amputated Arm
  • Arterial "Pumper" Device
  • EMS/CHP/P.D. Radio Traffic Patch to Sound System
  • Shure - Sub Miniature Wireless Mics
  • Shure - "Shotgun" Wireless Mics
  • Shure - Wind Resistant, Headset Wireless Mics
  • 3000 ft Smoke Grenades (3 minute burn time)
  • Rainproof Sound System
  • Electrical Arcing Effect For Engine Compartment It's new this year and looks great on video

Day Two

  • 1000 Watt Long Throw Theatrical Follow Spotlight w/IRIS Feature
  • Podium Light
  • Coffin w/gurney
  • 160 Watt 4 Tube U/V Panel
  • 1700 Watt High Output Indoor Fogger
  • 200 Watt Super Strobe
  • Red and Blue Police Beacon

Please note that the following pictures contain graphic images that may not be suitable for children.


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